Guess Who’s Coming


Guess Who’s Coming is a QPOC-run podcast where I interview folx and talk about all things s*x, dating, and relationships while enjoying a good meal with guests. The purpose of this show is to promote sexual health and wellness while also giving a voice to marginalized communities (women, nonbinary folx, persons of color, LGBTQIA+, etc.). Guess Who’s Coming will simultaneously provide humor and education as we talk about those things you “shouldn’t talk about at the dinner table”.

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Artwork by Amal D. (@youcandoithabibi)

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Episode 1

Ben and Hunter sit down for a meal and talk about how dating apps have influenced our lives and how we view romantic relationships.

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Episode 4

Join Radical Eros and Guess Who's Coming as we sit down with our guest Ben to talk about some lube, condoms, Myers-Briggs, and recapping on dating in the Gem City!

The talk about condoms and lube begins at 00:27:10.

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Radical Eros Podcast


Episode 2

Ben and Hunter continue the conversation about how dating apps have influenced our lives, the lessons we’ve learned, and how we view romantic relationships.

Dating & Relationships YouTube videos.

Therapy for Black Girls.

Therapy for Black Men.


Episode 5

Join Dr. Ashley Townes and I while we talk about relationship and attachment styles!

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Dr. Ashley Townes (Instagram)


Episode 3

Join Hunter and Shiv as we incorporate a podcast episode about kink and fetish as a part of our fourth date!

SaltyWorld.Net’s Pegging Article

Here’s my blog post that accompanies this episode!

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Episode 6

Let’s unpack how privilege and institutionalized racism play a role in sex education and beyond. Stay tuned for an intimate conversation with Cindy Lee Alves and Stephanie Zapata!

Guess Who’s Coming went to the National Sex Educators Conference in Newark, New Jersey during early April 2019.

Scheduled release date: June 16, 2019